net birth

Hello, people looking at computers!

Well, here I am. Officially ON THE INTERNET. It feels kinda funny, I’m actually feeling bashful sitting in front of my computer right now and typing this. Like maybe I should tell some jokes to warm up or something. This is like an awkward first date with the entire world! I’m already fumbling for words.


So, uh, well, it’s good to be here! You all look great, and thanks to the incredible web design of the intimidatingly talented¬†Kenan Rubenstein, I hope I appear approachable too. It has taken me a really long time and a lot of persuasion from “webby” friends (webby?) to finally have a site, and once I get a proper scanner you–whoever you are–can check back for more regular updates. This section will mostly be used to post about events, the things and people that I like, photos, drawings, etc. Who knows what could happen.¬†Anything could happen on the internet.¬†

See ya soon!