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Oh, hey, you’re still here! Look at that, I have a website! I nearly forgot.

Well, this is no time for me to start updating about how comics have started to rule everything around me ever since I was hired as the first degreed librarian for The Center for Cartoon Studies, in White River Junction, VT back in November. I didn’t tell you that? Oops, my bad.

A lot has changed in my life, all for the absolute better. For some updates on my time and position here at CCS, feel free to peruse these guest-blogger posts I made for The Desk Set back in January:
Comicbook and Zine Librarian TAKEOVER
Librarianship at the Center for Cartoon Studies’ Schulz Library
The Existential Loneliness of A Freshly Graduated Librarian
Comics Librarian Starship: The Final Frontier

Also, I was interviewed by The Comics Journal’s Panelists blog about minicomics storage a few months back.

But the grand finale of announcements is that I, Caitlin McGurk, whoever the hell I am, was asked to moderate a panel for this year’s Toronto Comics and Art Festival! And it’s… this weekend! I’ll also be tabling with the lovely Colleen Frakes, at table 157, right by the bathrooms. This works well if you get so excited to see us that you have to pee like a puppy.

Here’s the info on the panel:

Panelists: Lorenzo Mattotti, Jillian Tamaki, Adrian Tomine
Moderated by Caitlin McGurk
Location: The Pilot
…Time: Sunday 12:30 – 1:30
Many cartoonists also have a career in illustration. Come listen to four prestigious comics artists and illustrators discuss the difference between creating in a narrative form (comics) and a static one (illustration).

I’m nervous as hell, but will try to play it as cool as possible. Good thing my table is right near the bathroom.

Also: I have new comics out! Well, sort of. Here’s a peek at my “Know Your WuTang” educational flashcards, which debuted at MoCCA in April:

Til next time, kids.