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The Zinester’s Guide to NYC

mamas zinesters guide

A few months ago, I was invited to participate in illustrating the Zinester’s Guide to New York City, edited by Ayun Halliday, the prolific author behind the “East Village Inky”. It’s being published by Microcosm, and I believe it’s due to hit stores all over this town by November! The illustration above, as well as two others of St. Marks Bookshop and Snack Dragon, will be included in the guide. If you haven’t ever seen the Zinester’s Guide to Portland which it’s modeled after, it’s essentially an illustrated Time-Out magazine for the thrifty. Each contributor was also asked to fill out an extensive survey about their experiences in the city: favorite make out spots, good stories, songs that take you back here, etc, which is somehow being worked into the book as well.┬áPick it up, kids!